Radio & Television Appearances

The Sound of Ideas (01/03/2017)

Caregiver SOS, San Antonio (08/07/2016):

Why? Radio,  “How to Think Philosophically About Aging,” North Dakota (04/11/2016):

WKAR Current State, Lansing, MI (09/21/2015):

The Sound of Ideas (08/03/2015):


WKYC – Channel 3 – Cleveland “Golden Opportunities” (07/26/2015):

You the Owner’s Manual with Dr. Michael Roizen (06/27/2015):

Senior Voice America – Tampa, Florida (06/08/2015):

Fox 8, “‘Very disturbing’: Websites selling doctored notes, fake hospital wristbands,” (04/28/2015):

Newspaper & Magazines

Lori Kurtzman & Mike Wagner, “Chronic Pain’s Emotional Toll Can Lead to Suicide,” Columbus Dispatch, September 4, 2016

“How to be Your Own Medical Advocate” in CL Magazine (December 2016)

“Big Data in Healthcare: Privacy Is Major Ethical Concern,” Medical Ethics Advisor (April 2017).

A. K. Whitney, “I Needed to Find Care for My Elderly Aunt. What I Found Was an Eldercare Crisis.” Washington Post (03/22/16):

Reprinted in:

Jon Gorey, “Why Living in a 55-Plus Community May be Better for Your Health,” Boston Globe (03/13/2016):

The Jewish Advocate, “Lifting the Taboo on End of Life Conversations,” (12/25/2015)

The Cleveland Sun Press, (07/07/2015):

The Cleveland Jewish News (06/02/2015):

Robert Higgs, “Pot-Legalization Push Raises Work Questions for Ohio’s Businesses” Cleveland Plain Dealer (06/04/2015):

Blogs & websites

The Faculty Lounge (1/5/2017):

Bill of Health (Harvard Law School blog 12/20/2016):

“Protecting Your Parents’ Finances,” Moneygeek:

The Retirement Café (03/22/2016):

Retirement Journeys (05/04/2016):

McKnight’s Senior Living (09/08/2015):

“Faith in an Unconventional Approach to Find Care,” The Caregiver’s Voice (12/25/2016):

“How to Become a Member of Your Own Medical Team,” Healthy Aging (08/06/2015):

Fifty Plus Life (05/29/2015): (06/03/2015):

The Faculty Lounge (07/07/2015):

Life Matters Media (07/01/2015):

American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (06/03/2015):

Hamilton and Giffin on Rights